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Hematite Heart

Hematite Heart

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Hematite properties include balance, support, and grounding through the Root Chakra. 

The Hematite Spiritual Meaning

Hematite can help you remain strong and calm in the face of any issues, hiccups, or adversity. Hematite helps you avoid the negative energy around you. People-pleasing is in the past when you work with hematite. It’s a very grounding stone. 

Physical healing

Hematite blanches the body via magnetic qualities and can also stabilize the equilibrium. It will also aid in concentration, help with memory and bring you amazing, original thoughts. 


A heart-shaped crystal is amazing for radiating love energy in accompaniment with the stone's natural properties.

Where is Hematite Found?  

Hematite is found in Bolivia, Brazil, Canada, India, Madagascar, Namibia, Russia, South Africa, UK, and USA.


Hematite is associated with Aries & Aquarius Zodiac Signs.
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