Welcome to Kailua Crystals.  We are committed to spreading the consciousness of humanity through crystalline energy, herbs, sound, ritual and LOVE.
Our Misson

Hawaii is the heart chakra of our Planet, it beats love into the Earth each moment of each day.  The heart needs nourishment in order to thrive and transmit love energy.  Crystals and stones are sacred tools of enlightenment that have been used for thousands of years by all cultures and civilizations to understand Earth and work in tune with her in order to balance the body, mind and spirit.  We have been called to bring the crystal energy back to life on the Hawaiian islands in order to amplify and support the love mission of this massive HEART and to remind people to reconnect with Earth.  We need to care for Earth, to honor her and respect her.  Earth has much to teach and impart to us if we let her engage with us.  Now is the time.  Spend time with Earth, she patiently awaits.  

If you have been called into our store, it is Mother who called you.  There is something profound about to happen to you when you purchase a crystal from us.  As you allow yourself to tune into crystalline energy, you are opening a door that has been closed to many of our ancestors who have been forced by patriarchical leaders to cut themselves off from the alchemic healing abilities of Earth by calling them wrong and likening them to evil.  Many of us in modern western society have lost this Earth connection as a result.  This was a means of control that this new Earth no longer supports, and you are awakening to that truth. 


All of creation is an expression of divine love which leads us to deep connection, feeling, healing, understanding of the flow of life and most importantly, understanding the unconditional love that is physically represented by our Mother, who gives to us so generously and only wants our love in return.  So, as you give yourself permission to reconnect with Mother, you are also making an agreement with her that you will let her be your teacher.  You need no books, no guidance, no teacher other than Mother herself.  Let the crystal that calls to you bring you Mother's message.  As you invest in Mother Earth, you also align with her.  You become her advocate, her caretaker, and her healer.  Our planet needs your help to heal and this may be the start of your contribution.  

Our Message

As the owners and caretakers of Kailua Crystals, we want you to know how grateful we are that you stopped to pay us a visit while on your journey.  We feel a deep calling to cultivate a beautiful and sacred space for you to visit and feel Mother Earth's love and support, both in our physical retail space and here online.  We urge you to be in the moment while you are with us.  Tune into yourself and allow yourself to be shown the tools that best suit you wherever you are in your journey. 


Our physical retail store is largely experiential in nature and our staff is trained to assist you to get reconnected with Earth energy and decipher what you may be feeling within our space.  While this virtual experience is self-led, let us encourage you to open yourself up to feeling the crystals and herbs through your screen.  Just think of the crystal as if it were in your hand, and allow yourself to feel it.  If it feels right, trust that it is right.  

We will also continue to build this virtual platform to educate you, encourage you and connect with you in every way we can while we are all embarking on this amazing collective journey into fifth dimentionsal love consciousness. 

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