Collection: Root Chakra

Root Chakra stones are crucial to spiritual wellness! If you feel unsafe, unsettled, are constantly worried, or even have pain in your lower body, your Root Chakra needs some love. For this area, at the base of your spine, we specifically recommend Hematite, Shungite, Smoky Quartz, and Pyrite, among other stones to help your Root Chakra rebalance into alignment. You will feel restored and reconnected to the earth, and to yourself, when you find the right stones for your root chakra.

For this area to be high functioning, it’s all about establishing a healthy foundation. The benefits of Root Chakra stones focus on grounding and connecting you with your roots to provide stability for the rest of the chakras. A balanced Root Chakra is essential for the rest of the chakras to function properly and for you to feel grounded.  If you ignore your Root Chakra and are only focused on the other Chakras, you will never feel completely embodied, and ultimately won’t feel able to fully open your heart.  Our goal in crystal healing, after all, is unlocking our heart chakras and living in the frequency of love. The body needs to feel really supported and secure before it will fully open the heart.  So, we offer a wide variety of pieces that have been effective, in our experience, in getting the body to feel that restorative support.

Crystals and Stones for the Root Chakra

At Crystal Love Collective, we believe each chakra can be supported by the energy of various crystals and stones. If you want to wear your Root Chakra crystals and stones everyday, to keep the energy close and consistent, you can order a Smokey Quartz bracelet. If you want to bring Root Chakra benefits to your living space, you can order a Shungite pyramid for placement in an area of your home where you want to enhance your Root Chakra grounding. 

Having Fun with Your Root Chakra

Part of the joy of using crystals and stones is being playful with the process. At Crystal Love Collective we encourage playfulness and freedom for your inner child to have fun with crystals, which is why we offer items like our Happy Crystal Hamburger. While this and many of our other products are joyfully symbolic, there’s also intention behind each stone. The hamburger includes Black Obsidian, which is stunning and valuable for grounding. We also offer skulls in various Root Chakra stones: another effective way to express yourself and garner the energetic benefits. 

Root Chakra Items at Crystal Love Collective

The Root Chakra is important to maintain. We believe you can do that through several of our valuable, high quality, and affordable items. Shop now for Root Chakra crystals and stones that will get you on your way to supported and grounded living.