Collection: Crystal Love Club Boxes

You can search through Kailua Crystals' inventory of high quality, unique crystals, stones, and other metaphysical tools for days and still not see everything that we have to offer! A monthly crystal box is the best way to sample all of the various types of products we have available, plus, it’s fun! When you sign up for a club box subscription with us, you will receive an assortment of mystery items every single month, delivered right to your door!

What’s in the Box

Once a month, when your box arrives, the joy is in opening it to find what treasures this collection brings! The variety and the surprise element are what our customers love most. Your metaphysical subscription box will include everything from jewelry to tarot cards, from crystals for love to home decor, all with the high quality, high energy pieces you will come to expect from Crystal Love Collective and our online crystal store. Your crystal subscription will never disappoint!

Learn About Your Items

Another valuable aspect of our monthly crystal box is the ongoing education of crystals and stones that you may know nothing about before they show up on your doorstep. Your items this month might include a stone you’ve never heard of, and what a great opportunity to learn all of its benefits! If we send you a jade ring, for example, you will learn that jade is a beautiful stone that helps us connect with our heart, and with our Heart Chakra. Products made with jade are meant to foster compassion, love, and trust.  And that’s just one piece in that box. With all of the items that you get in one delivery, you’re able to acquire knowledge on several pieces that you may never have been exposed to otherwise. 

Start Receiving Your Monthly Club Box

The joy repeats with each monthly crystal box full of different, unique pieces. Shop now and signup to start experiencing the surprise of mystery items yourself!