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Amazonite Bracelet 8mm

Amazonite Bracelet 8mm

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Amazonite activates the Heart Chakra. 

Amazonite Spiritual Meaning and Amazonite Properties

If you are feeling emotionally unstable, Amazonite can help eliminate negative thoughts so you can find peace. Amazonite can also help us love ourselves more, as well as process and move past emotional trauma. Find the hope and calmness you've been searching for with Amazonite.

Physical healing

Amazonite is great for helping regulate the nervous system and blocking EMF's.


Bracelets are wonderful for keeping crystals close to you. You'll see your intention every time you look down!

Where is Amazonite found?

Amazonite has been found in Russia, Madagascar, Brazil and the U.S. 


Amazonite is associated with the Virgo Zodiac.
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