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Kailua Crystals

Eudialyte Specimen

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Eudialyte activates the Heart Chakra and Root Chakra.

Eudialyte Spiritual Meaning and Eudialyte Properties

Eudialyte is called "The Stone of the Heartland" because it helps manifest love in all forms. Eudialyte will help you balance your emotions from within and promote self love. It will rid your mind of toxic emotions like envy, pessimism and discontent so you have nothing keeping you from achieving your life goals. Step into your power and radiate love into the universe with Eudialyte.

Physical healing

Eudialyte stimulates brain function and strengthens bones. It can also be helpful if suffering from heart disease.


These small specimens are perfect for your collection.

Where is Eudialyte found? 

Eudialyte is a rare stone that was originally found in Greenland in the early 1800's. However, it is mostly found in Kola Peninsula, Russia.


Eudialyte is associated with the Virgo Zodiac sign.