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Kailua Crystals

Crystal Worry Stone 1.5"

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Black Tourmaline


Black Tourmaline is associated with the Root Chakra.

Black Tourmaline Spiritual Meaning and Black Tourmaline Properties

Black Tourmaline is quite the grounded force, keeping you tethered at all times. Black Tourmaline can give you positive patterns, and wipe out bad habits that don’t serve you. Black Tourmaline turns negative energy into a pure and positive feeling. Black Tourmaline will put you at the top of your game while keeping your cool.


Black Tourmaline is associated with the Libra Zodiac Sign.

Green Aventurine


Green Aventurine is associated with the Heart Chakra. 

Green Aventurine Spiritual Meaning and Green Aventurine Properties

Green Aventurine is the supporter of courage, happiness, and confidence. It will push you to take action for exactly what you want. It encourages you to head toward new opportunities outside of your comfort zone. Carry it with you for a wonderful adventure, and watch the chain reaction of positivity transform your life.


Green Aventurine is associated with the Libra Zodiac.

Rose Quartz


Rose Quartz is associated with the Heart Chakra. 

Rose Quartz Spiritual Meaning and Rose Quartz Properties

Rose Quartz is known as the universal love stone! It’s full of healing properties and it’s so tender that you’ll always want it near you. Its deep vibration emits and spreads Goddess Energy to everyone in its aura. Rose Quartz will take you on a wonderful self-soothing past, should you ever need that comfort. Find an abundance of compassion and peace with this beautiful crystal.

Many people throughout history have used Rose Quartz when they need more love in their life. It helps love come and go. Rose Quartz can support and open your Heart Chakra. Use it in any self-care ritual you do!  


Rose Quartz is associated with the Taurus Zodiac.

Tigers Eye


Tigers Eye is associated with the Sacral Chakra and Solar Plexus Chakra.

Tigers Eye Spiritual Meaning and Tigers Eye Properties

Tigers eye is a balance of fierce focus and grounded protection. Helpful in finding a centered meditative state or a focused path navigating your life, this stone is an excellent reminder of your personal power both in body and spirit. It calms the emotions and can help maintain a rational mindset, especially in those with psychosomatic illnesses. This stone is excellent for bringing in good luck, if you wish to carry protection and good fortune, perhaps Tiger’s eye is a stone for you.


Tigers Eye is associated with the Gemini Zodiac.


Do not worry stones have a place to rub your thumb should you ever need a distraction. They're wonderfully easy for on the go.