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Welcome to Crystal Love Collective! We represent a group of 3 family-owned stores in Colorado and Hawaii - The Crystal Garden, Golden Rock Shop and Kailua Crystals -  all with the same intention of re-connecting you with Mother Earth.

We were called to create an online store so that we could spread crystalline energy beyond our brick and mortar stores.  Everyone deserves to have the highest grade of crystals and stones at affordable prices.  We love what we do and we are grateful for your business!

Our crystals are only sourced from the best mines in the world, with many of them originating in Brazil. Our quartz collections alone will capture your heart.

Let our crystals call to you, ease you into your healing if that's what you choose, and remind you that you are a limitless, amazing, and abundant being.

Thank you for becoming part of our Crystal Love Collective! We presently operate Mon-Fri 10 a.m. - 6 p.m. MST and appreciate your patience while we do our best to respond to you within one business day. We have a small, albeit amazing team and our company promotes a healthy work/life balance that honors our nights and weekends so we can ground and re-center. We appreciate your understanding and look forward to getting our high-vibe crystals into your hands.


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    Renee Montalto | Product Photographer

    Renee is the Product Photographer at Crystal Love Collective. She has always been immersed in the arts, from taking dance classes to playing the flute and studying graphic design in college. After becoming unemployed during the height of the pandemic, Renee decided to pursue her love of photography and she hasn’t looked back since. She also enjoys video editing, live music, yoga, meditation, the sun and of course, crystals!