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Kailua Crystals is all about our mission of spreading crystal energy to the world with an open hand. Our logo is designed with that in mind, and all the products we offer incorporate that vision. You have found your one stop shop for the best real crystals online, plus unique stones, jewelry, tarot cards, metaphysical tools, and much more!

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Unique Crystals and Stones

The selection of unique and authentic crystals online at Crystal Love Collective was created to guide you back into alignment. Whether you want to support a specific chakra, or you want a certain type of energy from a stone, we’re doing our best to connect you to those good feels and spiritual growth opportunities. We offer minerals and stones that encourage you on your path, with vast crystal properties that we find hugely helpful and receive testimonials about from our customers and staff all of the time. For example, we believe that amethyst provides a feeling of calm, opens you to living your life’s purpose, and connects you to your higher power - therefore, we curate a collection of amethyst items that resonates widely so you can access these frequencies. One fantastic way to ensure that you gain all the benefits from our crystals and stones is by wearing them in pieces from our crystal jewelry shop. We sell our real crystals online in a wide variety of bracelets, necklaces, rings, and pendants. We consistently receive wonderful compliments about our jewelry offerings and encourage you to explore what we have in store for you!

Metaphysical Tools

Crystal Love Collective also loves offering our customers all of the highest quality metaphysical tools that we personally can’t live without.  While this term includes our crystals and stones, it also extends to products like tarot cards and singing bowls. Anything that has captured our hearts and held us captive in awe of our limitless potential is a metaphysical tool that we want to share with you. Home decor, crystals for evil eye protection, and crystals for love are just some of our offerings that will get your space on a high vibe trajectory and help you make crystal healing a lifestyle.

Buying From Crystal Love Collective

Not only are you getting the highest quality products when you shop with us, you are exposed to a huge selection of items created to address specific energetic needs. Find everything you seek when you shop for our real crystals online and receive free shipping for all orders over $100. Shop now!