Using Crystals for Healing

Using Crystals for Healing

If you are awakening to the world of crystal healing, it is such a wonderful and exciting time in your life!  Crystals have been used for their healing benefits since the beginning of time.  Humanity used to be so incredibly connected to earth and had these senses, or psychic abilities, that allowed them to know how different aspects of the earth can affect their energy.  They literally felt the properties of the stones and knew how to work with their energies using only the crystals themselves as teachers.  Society today has come a long way from that earthly connection, and we often struggle to have a relationship with earth like our ancestors did.  With the industrialization of our planet and our evolution with technology, we have distanced ourselves from nature, which has caused some of our innate extra-sensory abilities to dwindle and, in many of us, lie dormant.  Reawakening these abilities is what crystal healing is all about! 

As a crystal healer myself, I can speak to how energy travels within the human body and how effectively the introduction of a stone into one’s electromagnetic field can completely transform the way a person thinks, feels, relates and ultimately heals.  I have had the joy of experiencing many people feel crystal energy for the very first time and find relief in the shifts that it causes within their bodies.  I am always so grateful to have the opportunity to witness this magical alchemy take place with the young and the old, the ill and the healthy.  The crystal doesn’t stereotype, it will affect you as it is created to affect you. The key is being open to receiving what it wants to give you. 

When working with people, I always ask them to become completely present in order to feel their connection with the stones.  If they are off in a different place mentally, the crystal energy won’t be easily accessible to them, as we must connect with crystals mindfully.  Once the mind is no longer distracted, you can place the stone into your receiving hand, which is usually your non-dominant hand, and give yourself permission to experience the stone.  The reason I say “give yourself permission” is because we are trained as a society to not use or acknowledge our extra senses in daily life, but the sense of feeling is very potent and fully available to you if you allow it.  When holding the crystal, notice inside your body. You should feel an area of the body warming up or giving you tingling sensations. Wherever you feel the energy first is usually the area that needs the most urgent reset.  Once you allow the connection to the crystals to prevail in your energy centers, it will get any stuck energy moving again.  Continued patience and engagement with a variety of stones that attract you will be most telling of what exactly is going on in your body, mind and spirit.  

The goal in crystal healing is to open the heart and come into a place of oneness with all things, and in order to have a completely open heart, we must overcome fear and limiting belief systems so we can come into a place of trust with the divine, or Source Energy.  When we open our hearts, we become sensitive to unconditional love and begin to align our decisions and lifestyles with the expansion of that love in mind.  We no longer make decisions from the brain, we make them from the heart, because love will never mislead us.  Some people just need to be grounded in order to open their hearts.  Others need some additional work in various chakras in order to feel safe enough to allow their hearts to become open.  This is why crystal healing is so wonderful.  Crystal healing is so gentle and meets each person exactly where they are on their journey.  It will not cause panic or pain, it will just cause awareness of the energy that each person has stored within their bodies, energy that does not serve their highest good, so it can be released, and the body and mind can begin to heal. Often crystal healing makes us just feel lighter, without any conscious awareness of why.  But as we continue our journey and become more open and sensitive to these energies, we will begin to have epiphanies about what has caused us to become blocked and imbalanced in the first place.  This is where a huge transformation starts to take place.  

Each person who is attempting to do crystal healing should start by tuning into their own grounding.  This pertains to the root chakra, which is the energy center of the sacrum.  If there are any feelings of insecurity, fear or worry, the individual will not be grounded, and this chakra will not be properly aligned.  In addition, a person can be spaced out and disconnected from reality on some level, and this too will cause ungroundedness on a larger scale. This is generally what I call disembodiment and needs a great deal more intention to rectify.

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My favorite stones to recommend for grounding are hematite, smoky quartz, bronzite, pyrite and black tourmaline.  If you hold one of these stones in each hand, the body will quickly release the energetic stress it has been hanging onto and come back to a baseline of equilibrium.  It doesn’t matter what shape of stone you select for this kind of work.  A tumbled stone will work just fine. 

If during this experience you feel your legs first, you can trust that you are grounding the excess energy from your body.  Most of the people I have worked with have struggled to stay grounded so it is very common.  It took me years to really understand my body and how I needed to modify my own lifestyle in order to maintain my grounding. The key is just staying aware of it every day, various times a day.  The body becoming grounded signals an enormous sense of relief within it and is usually a welcome comfort. It’s something you will enjoy feeling and eventually crave.  You can also feel grounding energy in any of your other chakras.  It’s common to feel it in the head, where the thoughts reside, or in the chest, where stress resides.  Any grounding in the body is welcome grounding.  Just accept it and release the unwanted.

The easiest way to heal the body using crystals is literally to just tune into which color of stone attracts you.  Your body will automatically crave and respond to the right stone.  You’ll be pulled toward it and will want to hold it.  Pay attention to the color, because it is associated with a chakra or energy center of the body.  Red and black are associated with the root chakra, orange is associated with the sacral chakra, yellow the solar plexus chakra, green or pink are for the heart chakra, light blue is the throat chakra, dark blue is the third eye chakra, purple is for the crown chakra, and white or clear are associated with the soul star chakra.  Each chakra has a focus - you can reference the chart here.

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As you can see, there is a lot of energy to address within each chakra.  In addition, all the cells, organs and body parts within each chakra that is experiencing pain, disease and illness can be addressed with the color of stone indicated on the body.  Everything is energy and energy can move so easily bringing the body back into balance.  Results may be slow, but consistent work on the chakras will yield transformation.  Placing crystals, or gridding crystals on the energy centers of the body is another wonderful way to connect with your body and allow the crystal energy to travel as needed throughout your chakras.  You can lie down and place a crystal on its associated chakra and await the crystals to begin working within your body’s energy field.  This can be quite intense, so I recommend using one or two stones at a time instead of a full chakra set.

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As you open more to crystal energy, you will be attracted to the stones that you need in your life.  You may notice your intuitive gifts surfacing or becoming stronger.  You may start having a lot more synchronizations in your life with people and circumstances.  You will also start to become more aligned with your truest self, which will undoubtedly yield abundance and joy.  Crystal healing for some is part of their journey to enlightenment.  It teaches you how to connect with Gaia once again, and it shows you the fragility of our relationship with nature.  The stones are teachers, and they open a gateway for us to learn from nature and from the divine.  Once you develop your ability to feel and understand the crystals, you don’t really need any other guidance other than the crystals.  Just like our ancestors who were deeply connected to Earth, you too will understand her.  You will feel and know how she supports you and what she is teaching you. You will eventually come to a place where you align yourself with her and wish to protect her.  You will understand how to maintain a balanced relationship with her and desire it.  When you become one with Gaia, you enter oneness with all things and your life may drastically change for the better.  Humanity is headed in this direction, as we are evolving in love and opening to a deeper awareness than ever before.  Crystal healing is a reliable pathway to support this collective shift for our planet.  As you heal yourself, so you heal the planet.  Cheers to you for being exactly where you are at this moment.  Undoubtedly you were guided to read this message and I hope it gives you comfort and encouragement as you begin or continue your self-discovery through crystal healing.