The Crystal Love Collective Gift Guide

The Crystal Love Collective Gift Guide

Everyone in our life has different metaphysical wants and needs. If you’re not sure what you’re love one would fall in love with, we’ve created this gift guide to help you along the way. Each of our stones is unique with different meanings. You can buy crystals for someone based on their Zodiac sign. You can even take notice of what color they were most to identify their favorite color in stones or pair color to the Chakra they might need help with. We have raw stones, jewelry, ornaments, and stocking stuffers waiting for you on our website.

The Meditation Master

This person loves meditation. They’ve carried around a spill-proof water bottle every day since 2018. They love to go deep, they have style, and they NEED more crystals. Probably more candles, too.

For those who meditate we suggest the following stones.

Clear Quartz is meditations’ best friend. She puts the metaphysical power of all other crystals to the max. She guides and protects as you look inside.

Selenite is a powerful cleanser of all crystals and is strongly linked with the Crown Chakra. 

Amethyst is beautiful and adored by beginners and those with the most wisdom for its color and properties. 

Smoky Quartz is the ultimate grounder so you don’t get lost when you sail off into your thoughts.

The Way Worried 

Disaster is around that corner, and that one. Also, that one. Every news report adds to your empaths alarm system. They’re wonderful, but asking themselves in a quite worried way what went wrong that day.

We suggest the following crystals for this friend.

Rose Quartz is the stone of unconditional love. It could be just the boost they need to see the world is okay.

Lapis Lazuli is a highly spiritual stone of truth. It helps us see clearly. When we’re like “Does this friend hate me?” The beautiful blue hue of Lapis says “You know they don’t.”

Moonstone uses the actual force of the moon to calm you. What’s more energizing than a loving “chill out!” whoopin’ from the moon?

Agate stones are for the worrier! They bring us peace and a sense of clear-mindedness that helps us concentrate.

The Go-Getter 

The Go-Getter is an A-grade hustler. They’ve had side biz before it was a hot podcast topic. Their confidence comes from them but a crystal can always help, or just look pretty.

Green Aventurine is the wealth stone. It brings good luck and good fortune. 

Tiger eye is the stone of fearlessness. It gives us so much courage and reminds us to stand a little taller.

Clear Quartz is about spiritual growth, which many entrepreneurs look toward for support.

Blue Apatite brings our future racing toward us. The goal-getter will see quick results with Blue Apatite.

The Ever Exhausted One

They’re exhausted. Mom or student, anyone dealing with a tiring lifestyle can use a good crystal boost. They may sleep til ‘noon or get up at 4 a.m. on Saturday, but we can help their week go a little less tired.

Bloodstone clears out bad energy and brings us vitality. 

Carnelian enhances clarity of thought. No more slurred sentences by 3 p.m. 

Pyrite unblocks creativity. Creativity excites the mind and wakes us up.

Amethyst relieves stress and irritability. It’s easier to stay awake when you’re not cranky!

The Everything Elite 

This person was gifted an Amethyst stone when they were born. If you’re just discovering a stone, they have five for crystal grids. They have more Clear Quartz and Selenite than most people need. 

Larimar is found only in the Dominican Republic and has a beautiful ocean look to it. It’s a very rare stone that brings peace and tranquility.

Citrine is often mistaken for the orange color amethyst turns when heat treated. Genuine Citrine symbolizes joy and happiness.

Astrophyllite is energetically very strong and infuses your entire being with light.


The When is Spring?

This person needs a pick me up. They bloom when the sun shines, and sleep when it doesn’t. The winter is rough for this friend. They have happy days, and could really use another one soon.

Smoky Quartz dispels the scariest, darkest thoughts bringing us peace.

Lepidolite fights depression by restoring dopamine to the brain.

Jasper stone help with anxiety and bring peace.

Carnelian dispels any kind of negativity. Even the “I haven’t done dishes in ten days” kind.

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