Rainbow Moonstone Crystal Healing

Rainbow Moonstone Crystal Healing

Rainbow Moonstone Chakra: Crown Chakra

The Crown Chakra, also known as the Sahasrara Chakra, is your direct connection to divinity and enlightenment. It supports communication to Spirit and understanding of the universe. Rainbow Moonstone is one of the best crystals to use to activate and unblock your Crown Chakra!

Rainbow Moonstone Healing Properties

Rainbow Moonstone is a transformational stone that can bring you many opportunities in a short amount of time. It will help you grow and enjoy the happiness life brings, while maintaining harmony in all aspects. It encourages us to set new goals and experience new things with open arms. Make sure to carry a piece in times of stress and pressure to help alleviate any anxiety or depression you may be dealing with.

Rainbow Moonstone also helps us amplify our divine feminine energy and increase our confidence! Deepen your intuition by keeping this stone around you and closely align yourself to your true spiritual path while strengthening your psychic perception.


How to Cleanse Moonstone

When receiving crystals new to you, it can be connective and even powerful to energetically clear them. This allows you time to cleanse the crystal of any energies that are not in its purest vibration and allows your crystal to then be used to their full potential.

Moonstone can be energetically cleansed in many ways. 

A few ways we suggest:

  • Sun or moon bathe these crystals (allowing them to be out in the open energies of the cosmos)
  • Using running water to wash over your crystal
  • Visualizing white light emanating from you into your crystal
  • Using sound vibrations of a tuning fork
  • Playing a singing bowl
  • Using your own voice to break up stagnant energy
  • Burning herbs such as sage or Palo Santo (allowing the rising smoke to dissipate any heavy energies).

Moonstone Jewelry

The best way to infuse your life with Moonstone crystal healing properties is to wear it! Wearing crystal jewelry ensures you will emit positive healing energy and keep your intentions on you at all times.

Implementing Rainbow Moonstone jewelry into your daily accessorizing allows it to heal your divine feminine energy throughout the day! Whether your choice of jewelry is rings, bracelets, or necklaces, keep the high vibrations of Moonstone near you at all times to help deepen your confidence and intuition.


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