Is Crystal Energy Real and How Can I Feel It?

Is Crystal Energy Real and How Can I Feel It?

Have you never felt crystal energy before?  You're not alone.  A striking amount of people come into our retail stores daily having never, ever felt crystal energy.  "Is it real?"  "What does it feel like?"  "How did I know if I'm really feeling it?"  These are questions we get asked every day.  How do we answer them?  Well, we teach people and I'm going to teach you now.

First of all, we are all piezoelectric beings whose operating system is energy-based.  We constantly move energy throughout our bodies, although we often are highly unaware of it or how it feels, and if it ever becomes blocked we may not know it.  We have become desensitized from feeling our own bodies.  The first step toward reconciling this separation is to become fully present.  Tune into your toes.  Do you feel what's going on inside them?  Do they feel good or are they in pain?  You are now becoming aware of your body.  Through this awareness, your attention will become focused and you will become fully present with yourself, where all things are happening in this very moment.  You cannot be distracted and feel crystal energy, you must be willing to be present with yourself.  Sometimes, I ask people to repeat a little mantra to themselves in order to prepare to feel a crystal for the first time, like "I allow myself to feel this crystal" and it most often does work.  When you are present with the crystal, you can hold it in your hand or observe it from a distance or even through a computer or mobile phone and sense its vibration.  As you allow yourself to connect with it, notice how your body reacts to that vibration.  Most people find that their first crystal stirs a pleasant sensation within their bodies.  Some feel relaxed, some feel joy and some cry because the crystal provides relief that they were otherwise unable to obtain.  

Many people consider crystal healing to be merely a placebo effect. I used to be skeptical as well, until I felt the energy myself.  The key here is to just give it a chance.  If there is any ounce of disbelief in you, it just won't work because you are already turning off the necessary valve to receive it.  Energy is exchanged through willingness and if you are unwilling, you will not receive. You will remain disconnected.  

If you decide to try to feel the crystal, and you do feel it, be prepared for amazing changes in your life.  You have opened up a new door and will begin awakening to a life of connection to all people and all things.  You will start to become more embodied - you will start to feel how your body, mind and spirit are not performing as well as they can and you will tune into how to make the necessary adjustments to correct it.  You will develop more intuition and become more compassionate with yourself and with others.  Your journey will begin.  We hope it begins with us.

Feel free to review some of the stones we have for sale and allow yourself to tune into them through your device.  Go ahead and give it a try.  Those vibrations are available to you now and always.  They are unlimited, as you are unlimited and can flow freely through your body.  Enjoy what Mother Earth has to show you.  


Peace and blessings always,


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