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Crystal Shapes and Their Meaning

Crystals come in a variety of sizes and carvings, and while they make for very aesthetic decor pieces, the shape of the crystal has much more power than just visual. Different crystal shapes each have their own meanings and uses that can be used as tools to transcend your spiritual healing journey. From wands to spheres, you can revamp your manifestations and unblock your chakras with unique shapes focused on your intentions.

Read on to find out everything about different crystal shapes and how to use them in the most impactful way!

9 Crystal Shapes and Their Meanings and Uses

1. Sphere

Crystal sphere's emit energy in ALL directions
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This powerful shape has the incredible ability to spread energy evenly throughout any area it resides creating a peaceful ambiance. Crystal spheres symbolize the circle of life and being 'whole'. This shape brings balance, stability, and life force energy into our lives and amplifies the harmony we all have inside us.
We recommend:
- Put an intention into your crystal sphere and place it around an area where that healing energy is needed
- During meditation, hold a sphere in each hand to invite balance, harmony, and life force energy
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2. Towers or Points

Crystal tower's emit focused energy upward and outward

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Tower's release very direct energy upward through the point and outward to its surroundings. This crystal shape is amazing for amplifying your intentions up and out to the cosmos. Tower's will also keep you mentally focused and sharp, so they are amazing to place around areas where your full attention is needed.
We recommend:
- Placing a tower in the center of a crystal grid to amplify your intentions to the universe
- Position a crystal tower around your workspaces (office, art studio, study nook) to help you focus on the tasks at hand
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3. Wand

Crystal wand's collect and emit energy in a focused direction

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Wands are amazing tools to use during healing work because they release energy in a straight direction. You can use crystal wands to scan and clear any chakra blockages in a body by redirecting the flow of energy. If you are working on specific parts of the body, a crystal wand is a must-have!

We recommend:
- Use a wand to spell out your manifestations and affirmations in the air to send out to the universe 
- Use on stagnant energy centers in the body to help unblock and maintain a healthy flow throughout the body
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4. Double Terminated

Double Terminated crystals allow energy to flow in and out

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Due to the dual-pointed shape of these carvings, double terminated crystals are able to receive and emit energy. These shapes are popular to use in spiritual practices because they can take in energy and transform it then release higher vibrations to its surroundings.

We recommend:
- Allow Double terminated crystals to transform and transmit the energy of other crystals in a grid
- Use during healing work by allowing stagnant energy to flow in and soothing, balancing energy to flow out
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5. Hearts

Heart crystals emit gentle, loving energy

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This shape of crystal connects to the Heart Chakra and emits energy in a soft, affectionate manner. Heart-shaped crystals are especially helpful when healing the Heart Chakra or manifesting intentions around love in any form (romantic, platonic, or self-love). 

We recommend:
- Meditate with a heart crystal in your hand and envision what loving energy you want to bring into your life
- Place heart crystals (bonus points if it's a Heart Chakra crystal -- Rose Quartz, Rhodonite, Malachite, etc.) on a love-manifesting grid to invite universal love into your journey.
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6. Tumbles

Tumbled crystals emit a soft flow of intentional energy

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Probably the easiest to carry, tumbled crystals are amazing for practical energy healing. Because they are smaller and emit gentle energy, they are able to be easily carried around all day! 

We recommend:
- Set an intention for the day with a crystal and keep it in your pocket or purse as a loving reminder of your manifestations.
- Place a crystal tumble on the corresponding Chakra to unblock any stagnant energy and help balance your energy flow
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7. Clusters & Geodes

Clusters release high vibrations through the numerous crystals points

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This powerful shape emits intense energy into a room, specifically focusing on where the crystal points are faced. Since clusters and geodes are made up of many points, the output of energy is focused and energetic.

We recommend:
- Position a large Amethyst cluster in your room to emit calming, peaceful vibrations and contribute to a good night's rest
- Place a Clear Quartz cluster around other crystals that you're working with to amplify their energy
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8. Palm Stones & Worry Stones

Palm Stones and Worry Stones allow a harmonious energy transfer
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This multi-use crystal is the perfect shape for someone just getting into crystals and spiritual healing. While the Palm and Worry Stone are popularly used during meditation, there are many different things you can do with this gentle carving. 

We recommend:

- Caress the indent on a worry stone whenever you're feeling any anxiety or stress
- Hold a palm stone with your intentions while you meditate to help reach clarity on situations or ease your mind about things you cannot control
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9. Pyramid

Crystal pyramids connect to all your chakras and emit intentions to the cosmos
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This shape is helpful in bringing your manifestations to life. The base of a Pyramid has very stabilized energy while the tip allows for communication of intentions to the cosmos. Think of the base of the pyramid like your root chakra and the tip like your Crown Chakra-- it is the perfect harmony of grounded energy and divinity.

We recommend:

- Feng Shui your home by placing pyramids around your house so they can help your intentions in those areas/rooms (ie: Amethyst in bedroom, Blue Apatite in kitchen)
- Cleanse your Chakras by placing a crystal pyramid on each of your energy centers to ground and clear any blockages
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10. Egg

Crystal eggs emit energy in all directions with more power at the top
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This shape resonates with divine feminine energy and life force, and symbolizes fertility. Crystal eggs are amazing to keep around you when you're experiencing new beginnings or transformations. If you're starting a new relationship, new job, or moving into a new home, a crystal egg will gently support you through the ups and downs.

We recommend:

- Program a crystal egg to your specific intentions while starting a new experience
- Meditate with a crystal egg and visualize your manifestations for your new journey
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11. Cube

Crystal cubes emit powerful stabilizing energy
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If you're needing to ground your energy and thoughts, a crystal cube is exactly what you need. The balancing and stabilizing energy of this shape helps you reconnect with Mother Gaia and stay close to nature.

We recommend:

- Place a cube in each corner of your room to help ground and protect your space
- Sit outside with a crystal cube in hand and say the affirmation: "I am rooted into the Earth grounded and secured in the knowledge that all my needs are met"
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