All About Lemurian Seed Crystals - The Crystal of the New Consciousness!

All About Lemurian Seed Crystals - The Crystal of the New Consciousness!

Lemurian Seed Crystals are beautiful, natural quartz crystal wands that principally come out of Bahia, Brazil, and are one of the most impactful crystals on human consciousness to date. 

Marlon Ferreira, my partner in both life and business, was one of the first people to start selling Lemurian seed crystals to the public in 2006, as they emerged from the Lemurian mine in Brazil.  The Lemurian seeds that we see on the market today are coming from a mine in Bahia, Brazil in addition to private land within the Serra do Cabral mountain range in Minas, where there original specimens were sourced.  These crystals are notably smaller, albeit some large specimens can occasionally be found.  Lemurian clusters have also become widely available.  We've seen some emerge to the tune of a metric ton.  When he started out, Marlon had so many varieties of the impeccable stones, some likened to swords at the length of a foot and half.  The original mine was closed years ago and remains closed but the stones we have seen come out of that place made such an impact on us at the time.  This was before people really understood much about Lemuria or the Lemurian crystals and what their role was on the planet.  Right after these amazing stones emerged, the area of Serra do Cabral in Brazil was turned into a national park.  Now the mining cannot happen there in this particular location.  Within even the Lemurian mine, ancient cave paintings were found that depicted indigenous interpretations of animals, plants and people.  Clearly the area had been inhabited by peoples about whose backgrounds little is known.  These original Lemurian crystal varieties have been largely purchased by individuals who are collectors, or who are working with planetary energy centers and or/healing.  These specimens are worth thousands and one should hope that they are being held for future generations to work with. 

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Lemurian crystals are called seeds because unlike many pieces of quartz crystal coming out of the ground, they don't come from a vein, or need to be chiseled from a rock wall or matrix.  They are loosely available in the sandy earth of the Brazilian mountain range because they were seeded there by the ancient Lemurian people, who placed them there with the intention of us finding them one day and learning how to connect with their ancient wisdom and knowledge.  Before I was fully awakened to the energy and support that crystals offer to us, I was spending time in Brazil with my husband on his family's farm and I spotted something glistening at me from the sand. I leaned down to check it out and there was the very first Lemurian seed I had ever held.  At the time, I didn't know how much that stone would change our lives.  By that point, Marlon had already started wholesaling these crystals, but didn't understand why they were so popular or what they did.  That was 2008, the very beginning of our journey with the lemurians.  We starting ordering more and more out of Brazil, to the point where we were going beyond our means just to have the incredible crystals in stock. There was something so captivating about them, something that made you want to touch each one and investigate why it held that mesmerizing power over you.  As we engaged with the crystal communities at trade shows around the world, we talked to many store owners, metaphysicians and healers who continued to insist to us that the Lemurians were special, and the fact that we had access to them to the point of bringing them into the U.S. market was a privilege indeed. 

There were many things that we learned through these conversations with our crystal community.  One recurring message was that these ancient people from Lemuria were far enough advanced in their being that they were able to crystalize information and code the messages they wanted to impart to us into these special crystals that are called Lemurian seeds. We had to spend time connecting with the lemurian crystals and meditating with them to assist with our consciousness evolution as a people - and these folks we spoke with were making sure to do their part.  Another notable thing which was asked of us and continues to be asked is what makes a lemurian a lemurian and how can you tell a crystal is a Lemurian seed?  I think the easiest way to know is to connect to the stone and feel if it is.  The only authentic lemurian seeds I know of to date come out of Brazil and Colombia and I can't say that I would trust any others as being Lemurian.  When you connect with a Lemurian seed, you can feel the personality of the stone, as if it has a story to tell, an intention to set forth within you - and it will actually choose you, not the other way around.  There have been times when I was introducing the lemurian stones to customers, and my muscles would react when I touched the stone, forcing me to put the stone down, indicating that it was a stone which did not choose me.  Some stones loved for me to connect with them and others told me no clearly.  Physically speaking, lemurians tend to have a tapered shape and clear striation marks laid horizontally in their sides.  They also have triangle markings which are called both record keepers and trigonics, where detailed information is stored and accessible via meditation or intentional connection.  If you pass your fingers over these locations, these are the areas where the crystal's messages are most easily accessed.  You can literally feel a surge of energy, a lightness, while tuning into those spots.  Each lemurian has something to unlock within us, so each lemurian is technically different, with it's own impact to make on your soul's consciousness - if it chooses you. And if it chooses you, you'll know.  You can't walk away from a stone that wants to be with you.  It will fill you with joy, love, excitement and even giggles.

lemurian crystals, lemurian seed, lemurians

There is quite a bit of lore surrounding the Lemurian crystal, its abilities to channel information to humankind, and the ancient civilization of conscious beings who programmed them.  I can only speak to my personal experience with the stones, especially since coming here to Hawaii.  While on our first trip to Hawaii as a couple, Marlon and had a profound experience where we had (at separate times) experienced what we later came to understand as Menehune beings, who were very excited about our presence here in Hawaii.  They told me during my vision that Hawaii was the heart chakra of the planet from where all of the love or Aloha is sourced, but it isn't vibrating correctly and it needs the support of the crystals, especially the lemurians, to continue to generate enough love energy to fully support the planet.  I couldn't believe what I was experiencing and I had never had a profound vision like this previously.  Little did we know that we would within that same weekend identify the space where we were going to open Kailua Crystals.  As I was unpacking the crystals in our new space, I had to stop because something was trying to get my attention.  In my head, I was hearing what sounded like tribal chanting coming from the lemurian seed crystals that I had just unpacked and put into a display case.  I went over to them and I knew I had to hold one of them.  It literally put me into a fit of laughter and joy.  I took it home and that night, as I was holding it, it electrically shocked me to the point where it produced a spark.  I never experienced anything like it.  Marlon has also developed a deep affinity for the Lemurian crystals.  He has a personal collection of them which I know gives him great joy.  He has taught many about them and continues to feel called to gift them to the people he connects with. I have also developed a love affair with the Colombian version of lemurian seeds.  They radiate so much joy, I can't even explain it in human terms.  The Colombian lemurians are so clear and have an amazing frequency.  I feel like they are little antennas that help us connect to ourselves and to source at the highest speed and resonance.  

I have no doubt that these crystals are gaining popularity because they are key to supporting our consciousness evolution as humans.  Whether we are consciously aware of it or not, they are unlocking something within our souls and minds that gives us more space to think, feel and dare to dream a more amazing reality.  Over the years, we've always had an abundance of the lemurian crystals supporting us along the way, literally creating income for us, and slowly working on our wellness as beings, both spiritually and physically. They are the silent partner in our business ventures and the spark that creates new awareness for us as we make decisions from our hearts instead of our minds.  They have gotten us connected to people to a level we have never expected or sought after, people who have impacted and continue to impact our lives.  They are connecting us to YOU right now in this moment.  It's because the crystals vibrate at the frequency of unconditional love and they cut apart and disintegrate any emotional or psychological heaviness or wariness back to the simple, unadulterated baseline of love and establish the feeling that everything is going to be okay.  Crystals are electrical and we are piezoelectric beings.  There is an electromagnetic field that serves as the meeting place of crystal energy and human awareness, and this electrical conveyance happens at the level of subtle energy.  It's almost like when you know something is happening to you, but you can't explain how.  Every time I help people connect to crystal energy for the first time, they express surprise and awe that it's so significant yet so easily accessible.  The Lemurians communicate with us with a gentle intensity and when you tune in to them, they move you within your heart space.  They remind you that you are an emotional being and your true operating system lies in the heart.  They are both partners and teacher stones.  If you open yourself up to them, you will embark on a journey of self-transformation unlike any other.  Maybe you hear about other crystals making a profound impact on people when they use them - I know recent social media posts about crystals have gone viral and lead the masses towards a trending stone and how it's super important.  But I tell you, if you are called to work with the Lemurian crystals, you are called to evolve as a being of love in this lifetime.  You are called to separate from the aspects of yourself that keep you in the egoic state of "I" and emerge into oneness with all things, where true love and compassion and empathy reside.   

The Lemurian crystals have been a gift to our lives and will be a gift to yours, should you open yourself to connecting with them.  We plan to always offer you access to these incredible stones for as long as we live and we are grateful that you stopped by to learn about them with us.  

We offer Lemurian seeds with every order to help spread positive energy and healing to the world.

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