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Pink Amethyst


Pink Amethyst activates the Heart Chakra.

Pink Amethyst Spiritual Meaning and Pink Amethyst Properties

Pink Amethyst is a relatively new discovery, and has been recognized for its deeply loving and feminine energy. Pink Amethyst is said to promote balance, intuition, and emotional healing. Pink Amethyst has also been linked to lucid dreaming and remembering dreams better when worn during sleep. Pink Amethyst will help you release self doubt so you can step into your power. Take home Pink Amethyst to invite clarity and purpose into your life! 

Physical Healing 

Pink Amethyst is great to have around in times of stress, and also may help alleviate high blood pressure and gut issues.

Where is Pink Amethyst found?

Pink Amethyst is a rare find in the crystal world. However, Pink Amethyst mostly comes from the El chiquada mine in Patagonia, Argentina. 


Pink Amethyst is associated with the Capricorn, Cancer, and Pisces Zodiac signs.

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