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Opalite Chakra

Opalite activates the Crown Chakra and Third Eye Chakra.

Opalite Spiritual Meaning and Opalite Properties

Opalite is a man-made stone associated with childlike wonder. It brings optimism to your life and even a playful curiosity. It brings positive, warm energy. Use Opalite for help with mental illness and to create new beginnings. Opalite supports you as you pass through the storms of life and helps you handle them like an experienced sailor. Take your mind off your troubles with this powerful and special stone. 

Opalite is a rainbow reminder to be happy! It even has a sunny yellow shadow when light passes through.

Opalite Physical healing

Opalite is excellent for purifying the blood and kidneys.

Where is Opalite found? 

Opalite is a manmade crystal. It’s made in the United States, Australia, Brazil, Tanzania, Iceland, Mexico, Peru, UK, Canada, and Slovakia.

Opalite Zodiac

Opalite is associated with the Cancer Zodiac.

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