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Ocean Jasper

Ocean Jasper Chakra

Ocean Jasper represents the Solar Plexus Chakra.

Ocean Jasper Spiritual Meaning and Ocean Jasper Properties

Ocean Jasper represents the relationship between the Moon and the tides, and how that connection affects our emotions. Ocean Jasper is great to have nearby when faced with intense emotions or big life changes. Allow Ocean Jasper to uplift you by releasing negativity and inviting optimism into your life!

Ocean Jasper Physical healing

Ocean Jasper is a helpful stone for battling Eczema, digestive problems, depression, anxiety, body odor and fertility problems.

Where is Ocean Jasper found?

Ocean Jasper was discovered at the bottom of a cliff on the northwestern coast of Madagascar. Ocean Jasper is somewhat difficult to acquire because it can only be mined from a boat during low tide. However, since no heavy machinery or chemicals are needed for mining this stone, the impact on the environment is low.

Ocean Jasper Zodiac

Ocean Jasper is associated with the Capricorn zodiac.

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