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Moss Agate

Moss Agate Chakra

Moss Agate activates the Heart Chakra.

Moss Agate Spiritual Meaning and Moss Agate Properties

Moss Agate is a lucky, magical stone that brings healing to anyone or anything that needs it. This earthy stone delivers tranquility, emotional balance, and connects us to the Earth. Moss Agate will help you disconnect from the burdens of daily life so you can get back to your roots and find peace. Take a breath of fresh air, release negativity, and let love flow to you freely with Moss Agate.

Moss Agate Physical healing

Moss Agate is anti-inflammatory and great for the immune system.

Where is Moss Agate found? 

Moss Agate is found in India, Brazil, Uruguay, Europe, and the United States.

Moss Agate Zodiac

Moss Agate is associated the Aquarius, Gemini and Virgo Zodiac signs.

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