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Malachite Chakra

Malachite activates the Heart Chakra.

Malachite Spiritual Meaning and Malachite Properties

Malachite is a great protection stone, especially when traveling. If you find negative energy in your own mind, Malachite will clear it right up. It can balance mood swings, leave you with a positive outlook and help you love more freely. Malachite will also help you gain the confidence to take risks.

Malachite Physical healing

Malachite helps alleviate menstrual pain and boosts the immune system.

Where is Malachite found?

Malachite is mined in the Congo, Gabon, Zambia, Namibia, Mexico, Australia, and Russia.

Malachite Zodiac 

Malachite is associated with the Capricorn Zodiac sign.

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