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Fluorite Chakra

Blue Fluorite is great for the Throat Chakra, Purple for the Third Eye Chakra, and Green is for the Heart Chakra.

Fluorite Spiritual Meaning and Fluorite Properties

Since Ancient Roman times, Fluorite has been one of the most sought after crystals due to its range of color and unique shape. It is a great stone for students because it helps protect against negativity so the brain can be clear and focused. With a clear mind, we can get in touch with our higher selves and achieve anything. Fluorite shows us the beauty and balance of life in this universe. Also, If you have this crystal nearby when you sleep, you may find it easier to lucid dream. Discover your inner wisdom with Fluorite.

Fluorite Physical healing

Fluorite helps improve coordination and boosts the immune system.

Where is Fluorite found? 

Fluorite is found in China, South Africa, Mongolia, France, Russia, and the United States.

Fluorite Zodiac

Fluorite is associated with the Capricorn and Pisces Zodiac sign.

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