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Dendritic Agate


Dendritic Agate activates the Root Chakra.

Dendritic Agate Spiritual Meaning and Dendritic Agate Properties

Dendritic Agate fosters love and heals any bitterness of the heart. It can help with self-analysis by showing you anything that could interfere with your well-being. Dendritic helps with self-acceptance and encourages you to speak your own truth. Get in touch with yourself again and let your inner child shine bright with Dendritic Agate.

Physical healing 

Dendritic Agate helps heal the body and skeletal system.

Where is Dendritic Agate found? 

Dendritic agate is found in Brazil, India, Madagascar, the USA, Mexico and Kazakhstan.


Dendritic Agate is associated with the Gemini and Virgo Zodiac signs.

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