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Kailua Crystals

Crystal Gua Sha

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Gua Sha

Each stone has its own unique properties while giving you an even stronger layer of protection or whatever your intention is. A gua sha is a great health care tool to take care of lymphatic drainage or general puffiness in your face.

Black Obsidian

Obsidian is a protective stone that clears away negative emotions and energy like a street sweeper. You’ll feel safe with Obsidian whether the danger is coming from others or your own mind. Obsidian encourages you to find the truth and face it with strength. Obsidian gives you the courage to step into the unknown.

Blue Quartz

Self-expression and creativity are the star properties of Blue Quartz. If your question communicates your needs, Blue Quartz can support you. Blue Quartz gives us a near-perfect understanding of the important events that happen in life so we can process them well. Blue Quartz encourages forgiveness.

Clear Quartz

Clear Quartz has a high vibration and is a very powerful crystal. Clear Quartz can clear your mind and help you reach your fullest potential for your highest self. Clear Quartz is great for setting goals and amplifying other crystals.

Fire Quartz

Fire Quartz (also known as Fire Stone) will help you manifest anything your soul desires. Fire quartz will bring you vitality, confidence, strength and breakthroughs. Invite this powerful flame into your life to scorch anything holding you back in life.

Golden Healer

Golden Healer is a powerful stone that will help you raise your vibration and cleanse all chakras. It will bring you peace, balance, alignment and healing. Golden Healer will connect you to life force as it fills you with beautiful, golden light!

Green Aventurine

Green Aventurine is the supporter of courage, happiness, and confidence. It will push you to take action for exactly what you want. It encourages you to head toward new opportunities outside of your comfort zone. Carry it with you for a wonderful adventure, and watch the chain reaction of positivity transform your life.