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Silence is Treasure - Channeled by Rene 4-13-2023

Updated: May 19

The calm speaks to you. The quiet moments are teachers. As you listen, you hear who you are. You know yourself deeply. You hear what needs to change. You hear how you feel. You hear how you think.

The quiet moments are a blessing. They come to visit you, to spend time. They know their rhythm. They know the length of their stay. They know they have little time, yet they make their debut. There is much to learn in these "debut" times. They are filled with information. They long to teach you more. You have to be open to receive, to allow, and to give space for the information to come through. Not everyone will receive the information that they want, but everyone will receive what they need. They must tidy up their minds so they can hear and know that silence is treasure.

In this world today, the silence is treated poorly. Not given the respect and honor it deserves. It is a telling component of life. It honors you. It respects you. You can count on it every day. Yet, when it comes, unexpectedly, how do you react? Do you retreat? Do you follow it? Have you gotten to know it? Have you learned its ways? How does it guide you?

Does it help you? Does it love you? Does it know you? ..... so well!

a man listening to the wind
Silence is treasure

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