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Selenite - Why it's important to all crystal users

Are you a sensitive who is trying to feel their way into the crystal healing world for the first time? Maybe you're just someone who wants to get deeper into the world of crystals? We want to introduce you to selenite, an opaque white or orange chunk of gypsum that comes in various natural specimens and man-made carvings to suit your intention. Over the years, we have taught countless individuals how to connect with the subtle energies of their bodies through the use of crystals and minerals, and selenite is probably one of the top 3 minerals we recommend to really get you feeling good.

In each of our crystal stores, we have a prominent selenite display because it is easily one of the most accessible energies for any beginner to experience. At one point in my working with selenite, I realized that it perfectly mirrors what is happening in your body for you, so you can plainly assess which chakras are imbalanced and in need of support. All you have to do is hold it, be present with it, and allow your awareness to go within. When you start to notice the areas of your body that are being affected, the selenite is actively reawakening the chi or life force of that area, which may have been previously shut down due to stress, trauma or physical, emotional or even psychological injury. Once you feel the chi stirring again, it's will continue to move that energy until it finds balance as long as you allow yourself to stay connected to how the stone is supporting in your subtle energy field. Tune in and experience the stone for at least 20 minutes. You'll be amazed at how much better you feel!

Selenite has an amazing capacity to return our body to balance and release from our electromagnetic fields all of the heavy energetic debris that we collect during our daily human lives. By simply engaging with a piece of selenite throughout the day when you feel stressed or overwhelmed or have been impacted by a negative situation, the selenite can support your recovery back to your normal vibration and in many cases can stimulate it to a higher level, more aligned with joy and positivity. By carefully and strategically placing pieces of selenite in our spaces at home, in the office and even in the car, we can revert back to the substance of what makes us us in very little time.

Many people who support the healing of others as a profession choose to fill a space with selenite in order to keep the frequency of their space very high and clear, so the impact of their work can be held at great magnitude. Selenite has a tremendous capacity to clear any space in addition to those who exist within that space. Highly Sensitive People benefit greatly from adding selenite to their personal spaces because it will clear away any residual energy which can be uncomfortable and distracting to their daily work and create varying degrees of reticence in their interaction with the world.

We house our bracelets around small selenite towers in our shops because we know the impact selenite has on keep the vibration of any gemstone really high. When you want your gemstone jewelry to be at a peak performance level for you, let your selenite charger be the resting place for your goodies while you sleep. You'll notice a boost next time your put your bobbles back on.

From acupressure and massage tools to towers, dishes and wands, selenite has many uses that benefit the body and living space with exponentially high results. Meditation with selenite leads to varying degrees of awakenings to the health and wellness of the body in addition to the access of other past and future timelines. Because selenite resonates at such a high frequency it is related to the crown chakra of our energy fields, which is the area that connects us to our life's purpose, and helps us grow in trust of source energy which reminds us that all is well. Using a selenite palm stone focusing on this energy center yields substantial balance and peace within the spirit which is cumulative over time. There is so much beautify energy available to humanity if humanity makes itself available to receive the energy.

There is no end to the impact selenite can make on the wellness of someone just starting out on their journey with selenite or an experienced crystal user, who has developed a deep relationship with the wonderful and varying frequencies of Earth. Selenite gives us access to ourselves, quickly, deliberately and lovingly as though it were a gift. Let it be a gift for you or those you hold dear so together we can create a more balanced world.

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