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To help you further your education and bring you opportunities for healing, we offer experiences every week. Classes are subject to change and are limited in attendance.

A reservation is required, so if you would like to join us, please RSVP down below. Click on the RSVP button and it will prompt you for payment and details to sign-up. Cancellations must be made within 24 hours to be eligible for refund.

Every Friday• 11am-3pm • Ala Moana

*Benefits of Pyralight Therapy: relaxation, pain reduction, improved resilience and better mood, increased healing capability.*

The PyraLight pad creates a healing superpulsed magnetic fields and infra red light at Delta 2Hz, Schumann 8Hz, and Gamma 40Hz brainwave frequencies. The six 3W 850nm LEDs penetrate about 6cm into the body.

The superpulsing of the light and magnetics make them ten times or more efficient for the body while keeping the infrared heat comfortable. These pulsed fields allow stressed areas of the body to start to self-heal.

The PyraEyes are endogenous microdose psilocybin psychedelic technology, using superpulsed Blue, Green, Red high power LED plasma light and high power still point phase conjugant hyperboloid magnetic fields.

The 12v Nasal Laser directs 650nm red laser light directly into the brain, through the thin nasal sinus bone, and into the neocortex, cortex, and thalamus at the center of the brain.

Human Design Stacey.png

July 7th• 3pm • Ala Moana

July 8th• 12pm • Kailua

July 28th• 3pm • Ala Moana

July 29th • 12pm • Kailua

What is Human Design?

A human design reading is a fascinating exploration of your unique energetic blueprint and life's purpose; understanding your strengths, vulnerabilities, and life lessons. It's like having a roadmap to your inner world, providing valuable guidance and clarity on your journey of self-discovery and self-empowerment.

To begin, you'll provide your birth date, time, and location, which forms the basis of the reading. The reading will unveil the interplay between your conscious and unconscious aspects, revealing your personality traits, decision-making strategies, and the most fulfilling path for you to follow.

By aligning with your authentic self and making choices in accordance with your design, you can experience greater fulfillment, self-empowerment, and a deeper sense of purpose in all aspects of your life.

June Events (6).png

July 8th• 6:30pm • Ala Moana

July 20th• 6:30pm • Ala Moana

Simple and gentle self healing. We will be learning a breathing technique that is great for chronic pain, anxiety, depression, along other issues. We will be working with each other to learn the different ways to use this technique together.

Austin is a registered respiratory therapist for over 10 years and has been studying healing and metaphysics since 2018. He has a healing business that he started in may 2021 and wants to share some techniques so people can start healing on their own

WHAT TO BRING: yoga mat or cushion, water, journal & pen or phone to take notes.

July Events (1).png

July 8th • 6:30pm • Kailua

One of the most important points for astrology seekers are the North and South nodes. These positions help us peer into our destiny and past life karma. If you find yourself asking about life purpose, sense of fulfillment, and soul evolution, the nodes give the answers. This workshop will discuss the collective shift that will occur in July 2023 as the north node transitions from Earth bound Taurus to trailblazing Aries. We will also look at individual birth charts to see how the nodes affect participants personally. This class is for all levels of astrology.


**Upon registration, have your birth date, time, and location for the most accurate experience.**

June Events (5).png

July 19th • 7pm • Kailua

The world can be a stressful place, and music is the antidote.

Join us Wednesday evening for an immersive musical sound journey using crystal singing bowls, didgeridoo, and the Baltic psaltry. Bryan's unique approach to sound healing incorporates his training in classical music to create a beautiful, flowing soundscape. Every session becomes a brand new composition, designed to help you reach a deep state of relaxation and bliss where you can explore the link between dreams, and creativity. You will leave the class feeling rejuvenated, restored, and peaceful.

Bryan Jordan is a massage therapist, musician, and sound healer residing on the island of O'ahu, in Hawaii. Bryan believes that when we all live from our authentic selves, we have the power to change our community and the world. After studying classical music at the University of Montana, he moved to O’ahu to pursue massage, and the healing arts. Bryan has a passion for the transformative power of sound, music, nature, and art. The crystal singing bowls were the perfect medium to combine his love of healing, and music. He now spends his time offering live sound journey events, and creating meditative music for YouTube, and Insight Timer.

WHAT TO BRING: Yoga mat, and any blankets or pillows you need to get comfortable. Get ready for a journey into the ethers!

June Events (4).png

July 21st • 7pm • Ala Moana

Rev. Moon Lavender is an Ordained Spiritual Minister, Sound Alchemist, CYT, & Metaphysics Educator. She is a recent graduate of the Southwest Institute of Healing Arts and holds 25 years of metaphysical background. Moon has a deep passion for helping her clients find their inner potential through shamanic healing, channeled readings, teaching, and sound alchemy.

Join Rev. Moon Lavender as she guides you through a journey to experience the power of sound alchemy healing through crystal & Tibetan bowls, chimes, gong, and other musical tools. Each bowl has been activated with an alchemical light language code for each person in attendance.

Allow this experience to move through you as you awaken to a new accelerated state of healing. The after-effects of the journey are carried well into the future!

July Events (2).png

July 22nd • 6:30pm • Ala Moana

Saturn creates the boundaries in the world. This planet makes sure we do our homework and gives us some of life’s hardest tests. In this astrology workshop, we will discuss the current transit of Saturn in Pisces. We will also identify where Saturn is in your personal chart, and how those energies may show up in your day-to-day life. For those between 28-30 years old, you are experiencing your Saturn return—the cosmic initiation into adulthood. Together we will discuss how to deal with this hard-knock planet and integrate its energy to become our best selves! This class is for all levels of astrology.


**Upon registration, have your birth date, time, and location for the most accurate experience.**

birth chart interpretation.png

July 29th • 6:30pm • Kailua

Your birth chart is like your cosmic fingerprint. This workshop will enable you to read your natal chart by locating planetary positions and aspects. Once you understand the basics of reading your chart, a new way of understanding your place in the cosmos unlocks. We will identify the sun, moon, ascendant, and the inner planets in this class. Also, we will tap into the house system so we can understand the area these planets are at play in your life. This class is for all levels of astrology.


**Upon registration, have your birth date, time, and location for the most accurate experience.**

June & July Events.png

July 30th • 8am • Ala Moana

Join us for a grounding yoga class, focusing on the root chakra. We will start with a breathing exercise & guided meditation followed by very gentle/basic hatha yoga to gently wake up the body and become more centered and present.

We will be going over basic yoga postures, so this class is open for all levels and no prior experience needed.

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