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Amethyst Crystal Wands
About Us

Kailua Crystals is committed to bringing to Hawaii, a variety of the world's most wonderful crystals and stones for your pleasure, enjoyment, and overall wellness.

Marlon and Rene own and operate Kailua Crystals.  Marlon has been wholesaling Brazilian crystals since 2006.  The couple opened their first retail shop, The Crystal Garden in Evergreen, CO in 2014, followed by Golden Rock Shop in Golden, CO in 2017.  Each of them had a profound spiritual vision while visiting Oahu which encouraged them both to relocate their family to the island and open Kailua Crystals within 6 months of their visit.  Rene is a seasoned and self-taught crystal and energy healer who works with the natural frequencies of the stones to help you reconnect with earth and ultimately feel balanced and light. She is also experienced in channeling, light language, psychic mediumship and pendulum healing.  


The couple's goal is to provide you with a home away from home, a place where you can feel good shopping, connect with like-minded people and discover the wonder of crystals and what makes them special to you!

We are passionate about connecting with you and bringing you a unique experience in our stores.  Ask our team members to give you a chakra scan to find out what stones are best for you. Our owner is now available for in-store crystal healing sessions and many of our staff members offer special intuitive gifts to support you on your journey.  Experience the bliss of connecting with earth energy!

The Lemurian Seed Crystal

The Lemurian Seed crystal was one of the first crystals we ever sold as a business, going back to 2006 when they first appeared on the market.  This amazing crystal has been coded with wisdom and consciousness by the evolved beings from the civilization of Lemuria or Mu, which existed around the Hawaiian islands many many years ago.  This crystal is programmed to assist humanity with releasing of all limiting belief systems which keep humanity from reaching its fullest potential.  These crystals are partners and teachers and have a living Spirit within them which accelerates our learning and evolution on all levels.  We have dedicated a special section in our physical retail store and on our webiste to the lemurian seed crystals and we can't wait to connect them to you.

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